My Girl: Sister Rose

Sister RoseSister Rose is one of my favorites. My original idea for the painting (Winter 2007) began as a woman thinking back over her life. And the idea of an elderly woman — wearing pearls — sitting and thinking about the church that she grew up in seemed like a good idea at the time (still does!) The original drawing was 30″x20″, and there was to be a foggy image of church sitting to her left.

… until I started working on her hands. That’s when I realized that I wanted her hands to tell a story. Any story. Her story. And that’s how she was born.

In February 2008, this painting won the second place award at The Cheltenham Art Center in Philadelphia. Not only was I truly surprised, I was deeply humbled. Everyone who comments on her has a different story to tell. Most say they’ve met her somewhere in their travels. That’s really cool!

I have a few numbered prints left, and about 6 ACEOs (artists’ cards, editions and originals) left. Stop by my Etsy store and check her out!


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