Lavender Warming Sack & Sachet

Lavender Warming Sack & Sachet

I spent Friday evening making warming sachet bags. I filled them with beans and rice, scented with a few drops of lavender oil, and tried the first one out on every member of my household. They each liked the warming effect (I warmed it in the microwave, first for 20 seconds, then 30) and found that they stay nice and warm for 10+ minutes! Amazing!

I filled muslin sacks with the beans and rice, and then made the covers from scraps of material I had laying around. Each sack is 5-inches by 4-1/2-inches, and can be spot cleaned, if necessary. The nice thing about my sacks is that the lavender is not overpowering: I do not like it when fragrances overpower a room or my dresser drawers! I have a very sensitive nose (most women do!) So feel free to visit my Etsy shop to see a more detailed view! Enjoy!


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