Aah… A Break!

Never!!! There is no such thing as a break for an artist. When we’re not painting/drawing/designing, we are thinking/feeling/dreaming of the next thing, whether it’s a project or a meal! I spend my 40-hours each week as a designer. When I’m not at work, I find myself “tweaking” menus at restaurants and signs along the highway… endless madness! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if I minus the (more or less) 35 hours each week that I am asleep (as well as the 40 spent behind my desk at work) I am left with approximately 93 hours in which to create and mentally manipulate to make the world (my world) beautiful & perfect!

Hence, no break. But I absolutely must go to the gym tonight! Getting ready for the Inaugural Balls next week! Ciao!


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