Warming Sak & Sachet

Warming Sak & Sachet

This is not your average warming sack! I use an enchanting blend of essential oils to create the most amazing, fresh, and therapeutic smell! If you’re not using it for your body, use it to keep you closet, bathroom, or dresser drawers smelling great. Sak size: 8 x 3.5-inches!

USES: For warm-sak therapy: Place in microwave for 30-45 seconds, and then apply directly to the aching, sore muscles for soothing relief. For best results, keep on area for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes. Repeat as needed!
For cold-sak therapy: You need to keep it in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Be sure to place sak in a plastic bag and seal first so that your freezer doesn’t smell like the essential oils! (Unless that’s what you want!) Once cold, apply to area for 15 minutes, then 15 minutes off. Repeat as needed!

As always, I caution women who are pregnant or nursing. And please do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol when using essential oils! This type of therapy is not meant to treat any medical conditions. Please see your doctor for medical attention.

Set of 2 Sachets!

Set of 2 Sachets!

This is a set of smaller sachets: you get two (2) 3.5 x 4.25-inch pouches. I made one for myself first (as always) and placed it in my car. The fragrance is refreshing, but not overwhelming! When I get in my car, I love the way the smell makes me feel!

Great products for a great price! Find them both at www.stefanivance.etsy.com!


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