Just About Packed… and Ready to Go!

I spent last evening packaging my final products for tomorrow’s show. BTW: I changed the label on the lotion bars — from a tan based-paper to white — and it made all the difference! Kim and Jennifer stopped by last night, and were pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism I put into packaging my products.

I have really found something that I enjoy making. This was one project that I was tentative about jumping in to… my ego would not allow me to take the plunge because this is uncharted territory for me. But isn’t that what makes life pleasurable? If I stick to the things that I know I can do — because I’ve done them time and time again — how will I ever experience growth? Or joy? So I jumped in and I am enjoying the waters! Blending fragrances and making soap, lotions, etc. is just like creating a piece of artwork. It takes focus, determination, curiosity, and a lot of risk-taking! And, of course, listening to and following that oh-so-soft, subtle voice… that is what makes this adventure a success!

So if success truly follows success, then I’m in for a treat tomorrow! I really don’t want to bring any products back with me from the show. I believe that everyone who is supposed to show up will be there, right on time! And no threat of inclement weather will stop me from heading up the road. After all, I am just about packed, and ready to go!


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