Fruits & Vegies Add Color to My World

Green tea & cucumber scented, colored with celery

Green tea & cucumber scented shea butter soap, colored with celery

I’m having a ball!

All of my products thus far are white… which is cool because I’m not big on multi-colored soaps and lotions anyway. As I was meditating on this part of my journey, I saw myself putting fruit in a blender and adding it to my soaps for a hint of color. And that’s all I want to add: a hint of a color found only in nature!

So I started last night: I made (my favorite!) shea butter soap, added the most refreshing blend of green tea and cucumber oils, and then pureed 2 fresh celery stalks from my refridgerator… voilĂ„! Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it smells heavenly.

I’m selling 2 soap squares for only $3.75. The squares are approximately 1.5″x1.5″x.625″. They are priced to sell: I know that if you order one set, you’ll come back for more! Try it today, before they’re all gone!


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