“I wanted to distribute an idea…”

I like Russel Simmons. I like the way he thinks about business. I like the fact that he uses his instinct, his creativity, and his culture to drive his ideas, and then he implements them.

I mean really, who thinks like that? Is it his daily yoga practice, his daughters, or perhaps his diet that puts him in this success-driven state of mind? Well I’m not sure, but I do know this: there’s a vast difference between starting a business (feel that dull, low energy) to distributing an idea (I like this high energy brain tickler!) If we “business owners” (as opposed to idea distributors) were to spend a few minutes pondering that idea, where would it take us? Where could it potentially take us?

I believe we all have ideas: inventions, services, and causes that we’d love to share (and hopefully make some money in the process.) I’ve been on the creative side of life since forever, and I have new ideas ALL the time. There are times when my day ends with a case of brain-overload. That’s when I go to sleep, dream my night away, and wake up to a day potentially filled with even more ideas than the day before. What if I/we/you directed our energy to distribute our ideas instead of dancing to the old familiar tune of I-gotta-figure-out-a-way-to-make-this-work, and then eventually give up?

If we could walk away with this valuable insight from Mr. Simmons, maybe then we could focus on what we want to do, what we’re here to contribute, and how we can give individually and collectively, and leave Tiger alone!


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