This is going to be my motto, at least for the next few days or until something better comes along!

It is important that I live this life based on my terms. I was doing some calculating today. I realized that:

  1. I’ve been on this Earth a long time, and
  2. I’ve experienced growth in bursts.

Let me break it down: for 18 years I believed what my parents told me; for the next 17 years I believed what the Bible told me; for the following 14 years I explored the vastness and beauty of the Universe and Life; and I’ve actually been awake for about a year now!

Something happened to me this morning: I was thinking about TRUST and realized that in all things it’s so important that self-trust comes first, way ahead of showing trust in what other folks say.

For example, I trust my doctor. She’s a nice person, educated, has a great personality, and, for the most part, has never steered me wrong. So I trust her judgment as she practices medicine. I may even trust her judgment in clothes because she has great style! But I have been created in the image and likeness of GOD. My spirit is way more in tune with me than her’s is. Nope, I’m no doctor. But I trust the voice of my spirit, which is why I don’t jump up and run to her office every time I cough.

No, that’s not common sense: that’s trusting the voice of my spirit.

There have been times when I was driving too fast (not WAY too fast) and sensed the feeling (?) to slow down, only to drive within the speed limit as I passed a police officer with his/her radar pointed at me. Coincidence? Not even close.

So I’m feeling good about this TRUST thing this morning because I realize that I need to trust myself first… and it dawns on me that I cannot ever remember applying self-trust to my art. This amazes me because I’m wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with my talent if self-trust has not been there? Or maybe it’s just that I’ve not been aware of it like I am right now.

The next time I sit down to work on a painting, which will be within the next few days, I will latch in to my TRUST in my SELF FIRST… and ONLY… and we’ll see what develops!

Living out loud,


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