Phew… It Takes A Lot to Run a Business!

Working full-time is, well, a full time event. Including my commute, I am away from home for 11 hours each day. Most evenings, by the time I cook, eat, play with the dogs and my husband (not necessarily in that order), I am wiped out. But my love for design and paper drives me into my studio — sometimes past midnight — just to squeeze in one more idea.

I am in this for the fun of it, but I’m not having fun for the 11 hours away from home. Tough time for me: I’d rather be in my studio, calling my own shots, working my own hours, and working with my own clients.

One good thing is that the kids are grown: don’t know if I would have this frame of mind if I had little ones at home. My husband’s business can be demanding at times, but nothing I cannot handle.

I need organization at this point… so I’m working on that, too, plus marketing ideas, social networking, and, somewhere in between, I actually have a life!

Oh well… gotta get back to work. Thanks for letting me vent!

Living out loud, SVP


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