Creative Growing Pains

P R A Y E R works wonders, and so does meditation.

Feeling nauseous behind my lack of creativity, I recently decided to postpone my creative endeavors (what creative endeavors?) RIGHT…

I am so blessed to have a studio filled with all kinds of paper, paints, markers, pens, inks, brushes, portfolios, printers, computer (just one!), yarns, knitting and crochet needles, sewing machine (just one!), bookcases, shelves… okay, you get it. I finally have the studio I’ve dreamed of all my life, yet I sit at my table with no inspiration… night after night.
SO a few days ago, I began praying and meditating and TODAY I e-met a young woman who publishes an ezine called “Kick the Door Down Project.” The quote on the cover says it all:

while there is so much positivity in our
creative community, i just can’t help but get
caught up on the scarcity mentality that i hear
from so many people trying to breakthrough.
stop trying already. kick the damn door down.

— scoutie girl

Who knew that there are {women} artists who suffer the same growing pains as I do… somewhere along the line I should have known! So thankful to know now. Some of them have dealt with broken families, career mistakes, bad jobs, etc. But it all came back to the same thing, which is to not allow that stuff to keep you from where you want to be. It’s about being honest with yourself, your present condition and past conditioning, and basically to keep it moving.

I have not read the entire zine yet, but the stories I’ve read so far have all touched my heart and life. And I look forward to experiencing growth and expressing my creative side so that someone… some one… will find a piece of happiness from my art.

Thanks, Scoutie Girl!


2 thoughts on “Creative Growing Pains

  1. Have you ever read/done Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”? There are some great exercises in it to help get you out of a creative funk. You can do some of them or do the whole program. I’ve found it really helpful not only for creating but just for living life creatively.

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