Thanks for sharing

I don’t think I’m good at blogging. I journal everyday, but not online. I have a lot of respect for people who can and do share their thoughts, especially artists, crafts people, and musicians: I love to hear how others process this world and express their gifts.

I’m not sure that I’d be as involved in my art if there were not online galleries or social media, allowing me to venture out into the e-world from my desk and studio. I am amazed at the amount, not level, of talent “out there.” Levels imply judgment: I’m talking about the number of people who were probably in the same boat as me at one time. I was so myopic and competitive and secretive and observant and insecure and defensive about my art, which is probably why I never knew how to focus my energy into the one area that my EGO doesn’t comprehend: the present. Creating art is more than just talent: you have to learn to be present and still and quiet and humble and always amazed at such a wonderful gift. And artists who share spur closeted artists (like me) to keep it moving.

Today I am privileged to be able to go home from work and paint for about 3 hours straight, and that makes me really happy.

So many thanks for sharing…


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