Imagine a Goose in a Bottle…

This is a Zen Koan.
It is not a test, but rather a way for you to see YOU. Ready? Here goes…

Imagine a goose in a bottle. How do you get the goose out
without disturbing the bottle?
You cannot break it, take the top off and shake it, or do anything that would disturb the bottle (or the goose) in its natural state.

I love this one because it allows me to see how I think and how I interpret reality. The funny thing is that this is not about being smart or witty: it’s about YOU.

In life we do not experience reality: we only experience our interpretations about reality. How many times have you sat and worried about things that could happen, or things you thought were inevitably going to happen? AND then it never happened the way you thought it would! MOST times what we imagine never happens. But think of all the effort and time you spend worrying about it… all of the various scenarios you played over and over again in your mind… wearing yourself out emotionally, mentally, and physically, until you either made yourself sick or were disappointed that you were wrong!

Don’t worry (literally): we all have done it or do it over and over again without learning the truth, which is that we only experience our interpretations about reality. It’s the same as the glass-half-empty-glass-half-full issue: How you live your life is based on how you see it. Are you seeing all of the fearful situations that could happen, or are you confident in who you are in this world? Do you trust GOD, or do you leave your circumstances up to fate? This koan is not about being positive or negative, in faith or in fear: it’s about how you interpret the circumstances that you come up against, and the scenarios that you interpret.

Oh, one more thing: after I tell you the answer, take time to meditate on the answer. Make the effort to feel the relief in the answer, and then go back and revisit your initial feelings about the question. Compare. Learn. Grow.

The answer? I said “Imagine a goose in a bottle.” I never said that there was a goose in a bottle. And that’s how we interpret life: we imagine.



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