She’s My Favorite Girl!

Christmas 2010

Can’t state it any clearer than that!

My mother has always been my role model. She taught me to cook, sew, tailor, iron, and care about people. She sent me to charm school and allowed me to model when I was a tween. Her middle name should have been ‘Support’ instead of Loretta: when I turned 15, I became a rebel without a pause. Yet she still stuck with me: fussing, disciplining, and spending hours in my high school principal’s office. [Did I mention that he was later convicted in the disappearance of my English teacher? But I digress…]

My Mom, August 2011

She told me that, when she was pregnant with me and suffered with morning sickness, she was given a prescription for thalidomide, a morning sickness pill that was eventually found to cause severe birth defects. She said that she was in line at the pharmacy, and ‘something’ told her to walk away. To this day, I am so thankful that she had the heart to hear the voice of God.

Mom always stressed ‘doing you.’ When I decided to be a biology major in college, she wrote me a letter in my freshman year encouraging me to stick with art. Of course the rebel in me figured that she didn’t know what she was talking about. smh… I wish I still had that letter…

This Sunday, I will spend my day with Mom. She deserves all of the attention and love that she can handle. She’s been my rock all of my life, and I appreciate all that she’s done for me. I can only hope that I’ve imprinted the same love, respect, and support on my children that she’s imprinted on me. I love you, Mom.



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