Today I had to say goodbye to my bestest friend, Deuce. My buddy, my secret-keeper… my boi….

He got old and grumpy, and Hubby thought it was time to let him bless another family. Not me..

And not Chuck.

It was nice to hear that other people saw him and wanted to give him a new home. But there is sadness here… and I know that in time, it will pass.

Chuck and I are feeling the sadness, and we will for a limited amount of time.  I understand the cycle of life, and I know that its time for us to move to a new level of Life. God is so good to us! But we’re both feeling the sadness of loss.

Deuce will always be a part of our lives, and we cherish the fact that we gave him a good life. I am  used to loss, but not when it’s some-dog who I loved like I love Deuce.

I know you understand, and am thankful for your prayers. But Chuck and I will keep it moving to a place of joy and happiness.

My grand-babies are so sad, which saddens me more. The TWINS cried. My children understand. But Chuck and I do not.

I intend to bless Chuck with someone (dog) else who will be there for us. In the meantime, keep us in your prayers. Deuce will always be a part of our lives.



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