The Cycle of Life

My favorite shub-shub puppy: Deuce!

I understand the cycle of Life. I really do. It may have taken me 53 years, but I know that life has a beginning, middle, and end.

Been around the block a few times. Welcomed, enjoyed, and lost quit a few things, including people, pets *insert tear for Deuce*, clothes, shoes, homes, etc… all of which meant something special to me. And I’m wiser from all of my experiences.

LIFE is a cycle. Your best bet is to enjoy your experiences, relationships, etc., while they are here, which keeps unnecessary suffering and grief to a minimum. YOU ARE BLESSED to have what you have and experience the Love you have experienced. No regrets, but the ego makes it a Federal case! Keep it moving!

I loved my Connie’s Shoes from the ’80s (OMG really?), especially my orange pair with the clip-on matching flower. Yep, and that’s why my feet are strange (that’s another story.) Curses to style changes and time: you are my official enemy. But LIFE is what it is, and we need to embrace it while it happens.  Our pets *insert more tears for Deuce*, friends, family members, style, clothing, shoes, couches, pool tables *no tears here*, homes, cars *miss my Jag but not the upkeep* and everything else (oh, insert Hybiscus trees that died last winter) were here for a purpose and a moment in time…. but they were never meant to last.

Look in the mirror: same principle applies to you. (Sorry, I’ve never been politically correct).

So let’s make every day count! Love who you love. Compliment all that you admire. Embrace all who love you and love them back MORE… Life is a cycle that needs to be embraced.

Chuck and I are okay today without Mr. Deuce… we miss him, love him, and will always remember him.



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