Mmmhhhh, You Smell, Dude….


Cologne? Please!

No really, it can be overwhelming at times.

Women have a lower level of olfactory levels: in other words, we smell things easier than you do.

With that said, I’ve been on the elevator at work and have smelled mens’ cologne on men that are not even there with me.

What’s the deal? And, really, we don’t care that much about how you smell.

Let me give you a bit of advice… from a woman’s standpoint, of course.

!. DO NOT spray your cologne on your clothes… such a no-no. We don’t need to smell it like that. It’s actually quite offensive.

2. DO spray your freshly showered body (and I do mean body, not clothes,) with a few sprits of cologne (like 4, Dude.) Your pours are open after you get out of the shower, and we’d rather smell your cologne in passing, not while you’re there with us.

3. DO hit key points: the back of your neck, your chest, inside your wrists (one, each) and in between your knees. Awesome!

4. DO NOT spray more because you can’t smell it: go back to my 2nd paragraph.

This is my humble opinion, and it’s what I/we do. If my perfume is too strong, please tell me, because I will certainly tell you.

Peace & blessings…


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