They Need To Know

Okay, Ladies, let’s be honest with our men:

Single ladies: Are you doing what you do to gain love, or security?

Married ladies: Do we do what we do to be secure or because we love?

I need to be honest: I believe that most women do what we do to for security more than for love.

Before I met my husband, I was not seeing anyone. It had been a year before I latched onto my Man.

I decided that, no matter how it looked on the outside, I was going to be happy… for an entire year. My kids asked me incessantly to go on dates. But I was determined to love myself more than anyone else.

I gave my up my ransom when I met him. I reneged on my personal goals, which did not include asking permission for time for myself.

Since then, I learned my lesson, as did he. The respect is back, but I feel as though I am alone in this mission.

Ladies, can you tell our Brothers what and how they are missing out on their perfect woman?

I feel for our Brothers that want a relationship, but can’t find what they’re looking for. I believe that old school values don’t fit in with new school women… we’re not having it anymore.

Holla back, Ladies… Let them know what’s up!


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