About Stefani Vance

Philadelphia-born painter and graphic designer, Stefani Vance [Patience], has produced an impressive body of work spanning over two decades. Her paintings encompass a diverse spectrum of styles, incorporating personal symbolism, African and Native American themes, and images of nature. Most recently, she has expanded her talent to still life oil paintings, which, as she states, keeps her humble.

Stefani resides in metropolitan Washington, DC with her husband and 2 dogs.


2 thoughts on “About Stefani Vance

  1. Hi Stefani! I don’t know if you remember me but my husband and I were members at COFB and the Altar Band. I did your hair a couple of times at your house. I didn’t know you were into artwork. Girl you are really gifted! I LOVE everything that I’ve seen on your websites. One day I will be in the place to actually buy some pieces. We have three children and our oldest two are in high school, one getting ready for college next year. You look fabulous and I am so very proud of you. God Bless!

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