Check Me Out

The Professional Version…

Philadelphia-born painter and graphic designer, Stefani Vance [Patience], has produced an impressive body of work spanning over two decades. Her paintings encompass a diverse spectrum of styles, incorporating personal symbolism, African and Native American themes, and images of nature. Most recently, she has expanded her talent to still life oil paintings, which, as she states, keeps her humble. Stefani resides in metropolitan Washington, DC with her husband and  dog, named Chuck Brown.


I just like to paint. Illustrate. Decorate. Design (NOT graphic design… not any more.) And I do not like to be disturbed when I’m creating.

I like to laugh. I love talking with my children and I feel so special when my grandbabies call. I love my dog. I love old movies (especially black and white), and I prefer using graphite.

I hate working out and I hate sugar. But BOY do I love potato chips!


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